Care To Share Some Hair Care?

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This community is a place where people can ask for tips and directions on how to make different hairstyles, care for and maintain hair, or get solutions to hair problems. Feel free to display styles you've used, or ask for help on a style you're trying to achieve. Try to include photos.

The only rules are simple:

- Everyone is welcome to give advice. This is not restricted to just the mods.
- Everyone has a different opinion, and everyone is allowed to state theirs, be it positive or negative.
- Obviously don't break any of LJ's rules.
- Please try to post pictures. Obviously some styles fit different heads, so we need the best idea possible to see what fits you.
- Please use LJ-cut on large pictures, or if you have several, you may leave one(1) small one out of cut.
- If you are going to post nudes(tho I can't see why you'd need to) you must be at least 18(state your whole birthday in your user info), and they must be under LJ-cut and labeled as mature.

I believe that is all for now. Feel free to contact either maintainor (ho0ly and malfunctionzero) if you have any questions.