f4ked (f4ked) wrote in hair_share,

travel haircare

Hi, I'm planning on going backpacking across Europe at the end of the month and I have one thing that is annoying me because I don't know how to deal with it: My Hair. Here at home, I shampoo, condition it, use products on it and straighten it every day to get it looking how I want it. but when I go back-packing, I'm not going to have my straighteners. Without these, my hair is a big wavy mess and looks like Simba's from the Lion King.

My hair is around jaw-length, which is just too short to tie back... can anyone give me tips/advice on how I can style it whilst I'm away so it doesnt look a state? My hair is naturally really wavy and all i want is a style that doesnt take long to achieve (and isnt too complicated as I'm bad at styling my hair!) and uses a minimal amount of products.

Thank you!
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