HairRescue (hairrescue) wrote in hair_share,

Pro Treatment Results - Short Hair

Don't worry, photos will follow shortly...

I used the Pro Treatment + flat iron on Shawn's hair earlier this week and it turned out really well. He immediately noticed a difference and said he doesn't need to use conditioner after shampooing anymore. His hair wasn't damaged though - and it was already pretty shiny and thick, so I'd like to see results from someone that actually has damage + naturally wavy hair.

His feedback: "My hair feels heavy, and much fuller than it did before the treatment. I don't even need to use conditioner - only shampoo to cleanse."

One of my volunteers, volunteered his mom as well - which is great because she has really thick, wavy hair. Her complaints are that it is too frizzy and takes too much time to style, straighten, etc... I really hope this will help her. We shall see...
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