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Wella Color Preserve Repairing Shampoo

I finally got over Joico's Color Endurance and moved on. It was hard, but I think I chose a good replacement for its spectacular predecesor. I'd like to introduce you to Wella Color Preserve Repairing Shampoo. I didn't buy the conditioner, because I'm still trying Yuko's Phiten Bella Treament, which makes a great duo together.

Before I decided to try the shampoo I didn't even realize Wella had an entire hair care line. I had only heard of their amazing hair dyes. The shampoo is incredibly moisturizing and thick in texture. It's definitely conditioning, but if your hair is dry like mine, you'll still need a conditioner. For more oily types I'd suggest skipping the conditioner and using a light leave-in treatment before styling. If your hair is super thin, you might want to try a less heavy version of this shampoo. There is Wella Color Hydrating, Wella Color Smoothing, Wella Color Volumizing.

Regarding lasting color - I'm not sure yet. I colored my hair last week and it's still pretty vibrant and shiny. Besides the dryness from the dye, the shampoo is doing a fantastic job.

Wella Color Preserve Repairing Shampoo 12 oz retails for $14.04 and the 33 oz is $27.00.

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