Emma (rosy_love_music) wrote in hair_share,

In much need of hair guidance

Basically, I'm getting my hair cut sometime next week, and I need some advice.

This is me. Sorry about the bad quality. I've had this style for nearly two years now, and it just seems boring. I did want to have a side-fringe, but I've been told several times that this wouldn't suit me. Someone said that a shoulder-length bob with no layers would suit me, but I cut my hair short a couple of years ago and it looked horrendous - I looked about ten.

My hair is naturally brown and curly, but I straighten it every day, and I have a few layers at the back. I would like a change - something fairly modern and interesting would be good. Any ideas? I've also debated about dyeing my hair - any suggestions for a colour are much appreciated.

Thanks muchly :)
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