Megan (deardiary078) wrote in hair_share,

Hi! Wow, I hope people still read this journal sometimes.

I'm really needing to get my hair cut soon, but I can't figure out what would look good or anything. I got it cut in July, and I really liked it.. but now it's grown back out some and i've just gotten contacts and it looks horrible without glasses for some reason.

I really liked the side bangs that I had, but i'm not sure if I should get them again. I have a major cowlick like where the bangs are, and that makes it really hard to do anything. My hair is really thin, and always flat.

Anywho, follow the cut for pictures!

</br></br>I'm not really sure what the weird looks are for, but you know. :P My eyes look a little blah.. I just got contacts yesterday and it had taken me 40 minutes to get them in this morning. :O My hair looks funky too, but I just need a new shampoo and I didn't completely straighten it. The shampoo I have now (garnier fructis) is making it really oily. :S  You can click on the pictures to make them bigger. :]

Anywho though, does anyone have any ideas of things I could do (with pictures, maybe? if possible..) that would hopefully look alright on me. I look horrible with really long hair, and really short hair.. so keep that in mind. :)
And also, does anyone know of any good shampoos that don't make your hair extremely oily and that gives it body or whatever? My hair is always completely flat and that stops me from being able to fix it how I want it. And how do you get rid of cowlicks? :/
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