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New Photos & Reviews Added (Hair Dye) [11 Jul 2008|10:45am]


Our Hair Dye Gallery has been updated with new hair dye photos and reviews. You can search by brand, shade or specific colour. Now over 1000 photos and 300 reviews. NO purchase or signup neccessary - anyone can view the gallery photos and reviews - the more people it helps the better :)

You can now upload your hair dye photos direct to Beeunique through the website with no need to create an account or register: Upload Hair Dye Photos. You can also submit reviews direct through the website with no need to register: Send Hair Dye Reviews. Our current competition where you can win a hair dye and tint set by submitting reviews can be seen here

I have posted on here before and some of you may already have photos in our gallery but if this is not allowed please let me know and I will remove it.

Thanks, Nickki


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Newbie!! [27 Jan 2008|12:22am]

Hello! My name is Julie and I've always had long hair. I recently lost a bet, which led me to put my hair in a low ponytail and chop it off. Having never had short hair, and being a bit of a tom-boy, I need some serious help. Any takers? Please?

Right after the cut! It has grown back a little since... it almost touches my shoulders. Almost.Collapse )

And her's the face-forward one to show my face shape... before the cut, sorry ^^;;Collapse )

My hair has been colored many times. Everything from black to red to purple to blue to brown with blonde highlights. I now work for an airline and cant go too wild with color.
My natural hair is a medium brown, with more of a reddish tint than a gold. At the moment I have added a bit more red.
It is straight mostly, but either flips out or curves in at the ends.

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Beeunique Website Update [24 Jun 2007|05:07pm]

Beeunique Website Update, Competition & £1 Sale...Collapse )
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PROM HELP [16 May 2007|05:08pm]


Hey. Well I tried to do this hairstyle for my prom, I'm working on practicing.
I bought the curling iron they suggested and a very similar hairspray/curl holder, but
it's not working.

I wondered if actual rollers, like the ones you leave in over night would work better. I've used them before and my hair held the curl.

but what size should I use to get that kind of curl.
I have medium thick hair.

suggestions on how to make the curling iron work for me.

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Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Moisture Shampoo with Seasilk [03 May 2007|01:26pm]

I was itching to try Aterna's Caviar Anti-Aging Moisture Shampoo w/Seasilk (long name). The texture is extremely thick & creamy so I assumed it would be super conditioning. It lathered really well and coated my hair, plus the scent is amazing - a lemony, citrus scent. As I washed it out it left my hair surprisingly dry, and I had to apply extra conditioner becuase the shampoo just didn't do much besides cleanse. This is what all shampoos ultimately do - (cleanse), but I was expecting a little more due to Alterna's reputation for having 'luxury' hair products + (the price). I was a little disappointed it didn't deliver the conditioning aspect I was expecting, but overall the best things about this shampoo are the texture and scent.

I think I'll give Alterna another try. My next product to test will be Alterna's Luxury White Truffle Luxury Conditioner (what's up with the long names?)

P.S. I have some samples of Paul Mitchell's Super Skinny Serum... if you're interested in testing out the product and leaving me a review, please reply by commenting.
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[02 May 2007|06:34pm]


(if this is not allowed feel free to remove it)


I'd like to thank all of you who entered our recent hair dye photo competition - the winner has now been chosen (Angel of Dor'e) -
Many of the competition photos can now be found in our normal Gallery. As well as the usual Special Effects and Manic Panic Hair Dyes and Dye Accessories we have added lots of new items added including laces, bandanas, patches, fake hair extensions and bleach kits.

Our Alternative Hair Dye Gallery now has nearly 1000 photos in it and our Hair Dye Hints & Tips Pages are great for advice on dyeing or bleaching your hair.
If any of you have SFX or MP Hair Dye pics please feel free to submit a photo or you can send us any info you feel should be added to the hair dye help pages.


Order anything from Beeunique and get a voucher to receive 20% off your first order with our new site FunkyEars.
If you don't need anything from Beeunique simply enter LJ as a code at checkout on FunkyEars to get 10% off your entire first order (both offers are for a limited period).

FunkyEars sells 100's of unusual Earrings, Keyrings and Necklaces - These range from glow in dark condoms to scrabble tiles and devil duck earrings! We also sell Bettie Page, Smurf, Hello Kitty and Nightmare Before Christmas items. Its worth a look and cheap postage too :)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket 


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Pro Treatment Results - Short Hair [26 Apr 2007|02:54pm]

Don't worry, photos will follow shortly...

I used the Pro Treatment + flat iron on Shawn's hair earlier this week and it turned out really well. He immediately noticed a difference and said he doesn't need to use conditioner after shampooing anymore. His hair wasn't damaged though - and it was already pretty shiny and thick, so I'd like to see results from someone that actually has damage + naturally wavy hair.

His feedback: "My hair feels heavy, and much fuller than it did before the treatment. I don't even need to use conditioner - only shampoo to cleanse."

One of my volunteers, volunteered his mom as well - which is great because she has really thick, wavy hair. Her complaints are that it is too frizzy and takes too much time to style, straighten, etc... I really hope this will help her. We shall see...
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Hair Models with Curly, Kinky hair wanted! [25 Apr 2007|02:58pm]

We need 2 hair models for this coming Friday, and Saturday at 3PM in Beverly Hills. We're looking for models with curly, kinky, frizzy hair that would like a straightening treatment. The treatment lasts until your hair grows out. Short or long hair is ok. Also, you might be on national television!

Please comment if you'd like to volunteer.

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Mixed Hair... [25 Apr 2007|05:51pm]

Okay I have problems with my hair. It is frizzy, poofy, and generally unmanageable.

The thing about my hair is that it is VERY different because I have mixed hair.

getiing it relaxed at a salon works, but it is very expensive ($100 for straight hair that lasts 1 week then goes back to normal)

I was wondering if anyone had any tips for making my hair straighter and more managable.
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Cheap Dye & Pro Treatment [20 Apr 2007|11:21am]

So, my hair color is washing out and I am totally convinced that it is the cheap dye I used - Loreal Excellence. I'm probably going to dye it again next week. I hate the 'faded' look. Can anyone recommend a good dye that will last a longer than drugstore brands? I was thinking Wella or Marijel.

A couple of friends volunteered to try the Pro Treatment. I've only done it a few times - and once on myself, but it's fairly easy as long as someone's doing it for you. I had the worst time ironing the back of my hair when I did it alone. Anyway, I'm glad that 1 friend has thick, wavy, frizzy hair, because I think he'll be really pleased with the results. The other friend has even frizzier hair, so I will take pictures and post the results hopefully by next week.

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Wella Color Preserve Repairing Shampoo [17 Apr 2007|02:45pm]

I finally got over Joico's Color Endurance and moved on. It was hard, but I think I chose a good replacement for its spectacular predecesor. I'd like to introduce you to Wella Color Preserve Repairing Shampoo. I didn't buy the conditioner, because I'm still trying Yuko's Phiten Bella Treament, which makes a great duo together.

Before I decided to try the shampoo I didn't even realize Wella had an entire hair care line. I had only heard of their amazing hair dyes. The shampoo is incredibly moisturizing and thick in texture. It's definitely conditioning, but if your hair is dry like mine, you'll still need a conditioner. For more oily types I'd suggest skipping the conditioner and using a light leave-in treatment before styling. If your hair is super thin, you might want to try a less heavy version of this shampoo. There is Wella Color Hydrating, Wella Color Smoothing, Wella Color Volumizing.

Regarding lasting color - I'm not sure yet. I colored my hair last week and it's still pretty vibrant and shiny. Besides the dryness from the dye, the shampoo is doing a fantastic job.

Wella Color Preserve Repairing Shampoo 12 oz retails for $14.04 and the 33 oz is $27.00.

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Cut-A-Thon [31 Mar 2007|12:52am]

Paul Mitchell The School is having a charity Cut-A-Thon Sunday, April 1st. To get your haircut by a *licensed professional* (not a student) it is only $20. To book an appoinment, call (310) 801-9918, appointments are from 9-5 on the hour, last time slot being 4pm.

The school is located in the Sherman Oaks Galleria (corner of Ventura and Sepulveda).
15301 Ventura Blvd. Unit, p2
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403
(by the cheesecake factory, yum!)

All proceeds will go to The Andrew Gomez Foundation, Leeza's Place and Habitat For Humanity.

If that isn't enough there with be music by DJ Jon Pegnatao and DJ Orion as well as a special appearance (for you boys) by the Laker Girls.
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Boy in need! [21 Mar 2007|09:56pm]

I wanted to see if anyone has good ideas for my boyfriend. He has been growing his hair out for over three years to donate it to Locks of Love. He also needs to be clean cut in order to get a job (or so he thinks). I want to help him with this cut, because it is the first in a really long time. His hair is really curly so this is difficult. If you think you can help look behind the cut! :D Thanks.

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In much need of hair guidance [20 Feb 2007|09:29pm]

Basically, I'm getting my hair cut sometime next week, and I need some advice.

This is me. Sorry about the bad quality. I've had this style for nearly two years now, and it just seems boring. I did want to have a side-fringe, but I've been told several times that this wouldn't suit me. Someone said that a shoulder-length bob with no layers would suit me, but I cut my hair short a couple of years ago and it looked horrendous - I looked about ten.

My hair is naturally brown and curly, but I straighten it every day, and I have a few layers at the back. I would like a change - something fairly modern and interesting would be good. Any ideas? I've also debated about dyeing my hair - any suggestions for a colour are much appreciated.

Thanks muchly :)
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Sulfate Free Shampoos [25 Jan 2007|10:41pm]

Brocato Cloud 9 was my HG shampoo ... that is, until I developed an allergy to it after six months of usage. I tried Back to Basics Blue Lavender and it just seems to weigh down my fine hair. The lady at Trade Secret recommended Kenra Platinum Shampoo for Normal/Medium hair (since it is more restorative than the fine blend). What are your thoughts on this shampoo, particularly for its ability to not be heavy and still repair/protect color-treated, heat-styled hair? (It smells good if nothing else!)
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New Competitions.... [24 Jan 2007|03:41pm]


Thanks to everyone who entered our last Hair Dye Competition - it was such a success we're running another one...

Enter as few or as many pictures as you like so long as at least part of your hair was dyed with Manic Panic or Special Effects Hair Dyes (or a combination of both) - all photos will be added to our Gallery and Competition Page and after 31st March we will choose our fav and that person will get £25 credit to spend on Beeunique - can be used to buy any products including postage to any country.

Competition details can be found here

You can post photos or links here and we'll save them to our server or

Send us an email via the website - here

Send links via the form on our website - here

Send via MSN - details here

You can also just have a look at the Gallery which has over 700 photos of Manic Panic & Special Effects Dye Results :D




x-posted hair journals

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Beeunique Competition - Winner [17 Nov 2006|12:27pm]


Just wanted to say many thanks to all who entered our hair dye photo competition.
The competition is now closed and the winner is...Missy [Mangled Minge] from LJ Forums

The winning entry can be seen here:

We are still running the 'guess the item' competition.

You can still submit you your photo(s) to our Gallery:
Details here - http://www.beeunique.co.uk/add-photo.html

Thanks, Nickki

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[13 Oct 2006|12:14pm]

Hi! Wow, I hope people still read this journal sometimes.

I'm really needing to get my hair cut soon, but I can't figure out what would look good or anything. I got it cut in July, and I really liked it.. but now it's grown back out some and i've just gotten contacts and it looks horrible without glasses for some reason.

I really liked the side bangs that I had, but i'm not sure if I should get them again. I have a major cowlick like where the bangs are, and that makes it really hard to do anything. My hair is really thin, and always flat.

Anywho, follow the cut for pictures!

And also, does anyone know of any good shampoos that don't make your hair extremely oily and that gives it body or whatever? My hair is always completely flat and that stops me from being able to fix it how I want it. And how do you get rid of cowlicks? :/
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Beeunique Competition [29 Aug 2006|09:10pm]

Instead of just asking for pics as we normally do we're now offering a prize of £25 credit for the best photo submitted to our site - you can see the competition details here: http://www.beeunique.co.uk/fun-comp.html

We are looking for any photos of Special Effects and/or Manic Panic Hair Dye Results and any we receive will be added to our gallery and winner anounced after closing date. Winner will get £25 credit on Beeunique which they can spend on anything from the site - no catches :)

You can see our contact detais here: http://www.beeunique.co.uk/index.php?main_page=page_8
Cheers, Nickki - Beeunique

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travel haircare [13 Jul 2006|07:22pm]
Hi, I'm planning on going backpacking across Europe at the end of the month and I have one thing that is annoying me because I don't know how to deal with it: My Hair. Here at home, I shampoo, condition it, use products on it and straighten it every day to get it looking how I want it. but when I go back-packing, I'm not going to have my straighteners. Without these, my hair is a big wavy mess and looks like Simba's from the Lion King.

My hair is around jaw-length, which is just too short to tie back... can anyone give me tips/advice on how I can style it whilst I'm away so it doesnt look a state? My hair is naturally really wavy and all i want is a style that doesnt take long to achieve (and isnt too complicated as I'm bad at styling my hair!) and uses a minimal amount of products.

Thank you!
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